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Shimano MW80 Shoes Gore-Tex

When the winter starts taking hold having cold wet numb feet is not nice on those long rides. There have been Shimano winter boots around for years but these are the latest and we recon the best they have to offer.

They feature a Gore-Tex liner which works well to keep out most of the smaller splashes but inevitable the weather does seep in though the Neoprene cuff eventually. The shoes also have an insulated liner and Polyurethane coated leather uppers which makes them comfortable right from the start. There is also the usual toe and heel protection for when you have to walk. The Sole offers enough grip to stay upright on the rock and mud with a reinforced sole offering a good response while peddling.

If you are fed up with wet feet on winter rides these are a bargain!

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Re: Shimano MW80 Shoes £99.99

I bought these at Christmas and have worn them on quite a few cold we rides since, they are great I’ve never had such warm feet during winter rides.  Highly recommended!!

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